By Tonya Fry (Published in American Cranes & Transport Magazine)

Tonya Fry discusses why, in such an automated world, service and relationships are still what sells, whether you are selling cranes, financing or widgets.

Maybe it’s just me, but are you getting tired of the impersonal way of doing business today?

We hardly talk on the phone any more – its text and e-mails now.

We can buy just about anything we need online, from something as simple as a bag of plastic straws – yes, you can order them on Amazon, and I know because I’ve done it – up to a new vehicle. It will be delivered right to our door and we never have to step foot into the store or auto showroom.

We go to the big box stores and you have to self-checkout and hope that you don’t make a mistake as there will only be one associate to service 20 registers.

We don’t have to go into a bank anymore – we can use an ATM to get cash and use our mobile phones to make deposits.

Although this can be very convenient in our busy lives, it has taken away the personal touch...


“Starting out as a small taxi crane service, Harry Fry & Associates has made it possible for us to add equipment to our fleet. We look forward to a long business relationship for years to come. “
Andrew S. - Crane Service, Idaho