By Harry Fry (Published in American Cranes & Transport Magazine)

In 1995, Harry Fry formally left the corporate world of finance and struck out on his own. Twenty years later he is a leader in the realm of crane and lifting equipment financing, known for his industry knowledge and acumen for financing and leasing equipment. “I left the corporate world because we were getting transferred every couple of years or less, and I promised my daughters, once they got into high school, no more moving,” he said. “We started out on our own in January 1995 as an agent for MBCC/Debis (Daimler- Benz Inter-Services). We were formally incorporated in April 1995.”


"I've been referring customers to Harry Fry & Associates for over 20 years, and have had tremendous success getting customers the financing that meets their needs. They are not only a pleasure to work with, they provide excellent rates and a very quick turnaround time. So if you’re looking for a great deal and excellent service, I would strongly suggest contacting Cheryl Fry for a quote today!"
Jim C., Sales Manager - West Coast Equipment Vendor