By Tonya Fry (Published in American Cranes & Transport Magazine)

Most crane owners understand that even with economic swings, cranes are excellent long term investments. Most companies that are considering adding a crane to their fleet typically evaluate new and used cranes for several reasons. Many of our clients considering adding a crane do so to grow their business, increase revenue or replace an aged machine. Or they may need a crane for a specific job. Since the recent recession is indelibly etched in the memories of many, the new versus used crane evaluation is a frequent exercise by crane owners. Even when the crane purchase can be justified and an immediate need is evident, there remains a hesitation to move forward. Often times, a used crane is purchased because it achieves the goal at a lower cost. However, there are also cases in which a new crane is the better decision, especially when comparing financing.



“Starting out as a small taxi crane service, Harry Fry & Associates has made it possible for us to add equipment to our fleet. We look forward to a long business relationship for years to come. “
Andrew S. - Crane Service, Idaho