ThinkstockPhotos 682893724Harry Fry & Associates, along with its domestic and international funding partners, has developed many innovative and creative financing solutions, which we tailor to fit your company’s individual needs.

Each of these programs offers a number of advantages which allow you to add, replace and/or update your crane fleet:


  • Take advantage of terms of 24 to 120 months, depending on the age of the collateral.
  • In lieu of a cash down payment, use the equity you have in existing equipment.
  • Structure a variety of payment options. Our loan programs offer fixed rates for the full length of the borrowing terms, providing you with a fixed monthly payment.


Couple our term loans to fit a variety of cash flow scenarios.

  • ThinkstockPhotos 521457429Deferred Payment Option:  Defer your first payment for up to 90  days. This plan allows your new acquisition to generate revenues and build receivables before your loan payments begin.
  • Step Payment Program:  Gives new equipment start-up time. Structuring a low to high repayment program allows for lower than normal payments in the beginning period, when your acquisition is new to your fleet and steps up to higher repayment as your acquisition gains market share.
  • Seasonal Skip Payment Program:  Great if your workload varies throughout the year due to varying weather conditions. We can structure a program to fit the timing of your cash flow. Loans can be structured with no payments or partial payments during off-season periods.

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“Starting out as a small taxi crane service, Harry Fry & Associates has made it possible for us to add equipment to our fleet. We look forward to a long business relationship for years to come. “
Andrew S. - Crane Service, Idaho